Dear Friends of ICTC,

In December 2007, I came to Buffalo “temporarily” to act in two plays at ICTC as a guest artist. I had recently finished graduate school, as well as time studying in Russia at the Moscow Art Theater, and was working in NYC, and thought that Buffalo would be a lovely stop. My graduate class had toured a showcase throughout the US, and had visited Buffalo in March 2007 for a performance in the gorgeous Andrews Theatre. I loved the intimate space, and was intrigued by this gritty yet friendly rust belt town that had once been the stop for shows before they went to Broadway. I never anticipated how Buffalo would capture my heart, and become my home. At the end of this year, I welcomed my third child earthside, and am a proud mama to two other Buffalo kids.

 When people ask me how I ended up in Buffalo, I always begin with this story about ICTC, and every time I share it, people’s faces melt into a warm glow, as there is such a deep well of affection for this Company and its place in the Queen City. Incredibly curated seasons, put together by brilliant creative teams who are truly a family; year after year I have cherished being a part of this community, as an actor, dialect and speech coach, and audience member. 

 This past February I was sitting at lunch downtown near the theater with my Aunt and Uncle, who had driven up from Burdette, near Ithaca, to see the matinee performance of The Mai. I ended up in a lovely and unexpected conversation with two people from Cleveland. Like my relatives, they had also driven several hours to see this ICTC production, and confided that this Company and its productions were well worth the drive anytime, “the best theater in the whole region.”

I have been blessed, in my 16 years here, to witness a renaissance in this city, particularly within our beloved theater community. In the wake of Covid and uncertainty in so many ways, live theater needs our support more than ever before. Time together at ICTC is a way for us all to come together, and remember our shared humanity, as we are moved by the compelling work of this premiere Company, and the timeless and healing art of the storytelling. Thank you in advance for your generous support of Irish Classical’s 33rd Season. We can’t wait to see you at The Andrews Theatre!

– Megan Callahan

Actor, Dialect & Speech Coach, and Director