The Wake 2018

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Let's plan to raise a glass to our "dearly departed," whoever he or she may be,
 at The Wake 2019!

Read more about 2018’s dearly departed, Hugh R. Boxworthy:

Hugh_R._BoxworthyHugh R. Boxworthy, party planner, partygoer, died as he lived, at a party. Official cause of death was heart attack while dancing. He was 97.

Born in Buffalo’s First Ward, his love of parties was established at an early age. When his mom and dad had scheduled his first “kids” party, he nixed the idea to go bowling and instead planned an entirely more lavish event at the Hotel Statler. From there, his love of parties and party planning only gained steam. He arranged shindigs, bashes, jamborees, festivities, socials, get-togethers, banquets, affairs, and even at least one soiree.

His claim to fame years later was to have initiated many party traditions that are commonplace today. The lampshade on the head, for instance. He declared to have begun this custom when an ex-girlfriend who was particularly jilted appeared at a mutual friend’s party and he needed to hide his identity. Funneling Guinness became popular because Hugh attended a party of an acquaintance who happened to be a mechanic and there were no pint glasses available. And before him, no one ever indulged in shots, even though this is so widely known to be a fib and he never bothered with an elaborate story to back it up.

Hugh is survived by his lovely widow, Eileen Boxworthy, who is severely “partied-out,” but will pull herself together for just one more in his honor. She will be escorted by your best friend and her current caretaker, Seamus S. Moore. What a pal! Hugh's other mates, not missing a beat and honoring his festive legacy, have already begun partying in his memory.


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