Anna Krempholtz. Photo by Mark Duggan/Nickel City Headshots

Hello Friend,

I am often told I wear a lot of hats, and my work at the Irish Classical Theatre Company is no exception. Helping bring life to productions as an Actress, Fight Captain, and Scenic Artist, I am grateful to have spent so much time under the work lights of The Andrews Theatre. All of these creative experiences have greatly contributed to my journey in the Arts.

The first time the stage lights rose on ICTC’s production of Design for Living, I had to contain myself. Sensing an audience that close to me for the first time was exhilarating! I had never felt so exposed and vulnerable on stage. It was a humbling experience that has become one of the most memorable moments of my career.

Performing at ICTC has also informed my work as a Fight Choreographer. I’ve learned so much from watching other Choreographers’ work, running fight calls as Fight Captain, and performing combat scenes as Ophelia in Hamlet and Annabella in ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore. The arena setting presents different challenges to Fight Choreography, asking us to be more creative in hiding the mechanics of stage punches, kicks, and stabs. ICTC has also been inspirational in pursuing my work as an Intimacy Director – one who stages physically intimate scenes. Because of The Andrews’ exposed and vulnerable setting, it is all the more important to ensure Actors’ confidence in their storytelling.

As a Scenic Artist, the canvas of ICTC’s stage floor has been instrumental in fostering my career in Scenic Painting, and my journey in becoming a proud union member of IATSE United Scenic Artists 829. Having worked as a Scenic Artist on major productions for Netflix, Disney, HBO, and Saturday Night Live, The Andrews Theatre is still my favorite place to paint. A different kind of artistry is involved in painting at ICTC that combines the techniques of traditional theatrical painting with the realism of trompe l’oeil and scenic art for film. From splintery barnwood, to shining parquet floors, from tiers of blood-red faux leather, to a giant rustic American flag, it is always thrilling to create realistic floor textures on that grand of a scale, transforming the play for the audience and the performers.

I am only one of many artists who considers the Irish Classical Theatre Company an inspiring and life-changing place to work. We all agree we cannot wait to come back. Returning to live performances this Season is exciting news, but will only begin with limited seating capacities. A Broadway house cannot run on half capacity, and neither can our local theatres! ICTC needs the extra push from Patrons and Donors so they can continue producing their inspiring plays. I know these have been extremely difficult times, but I ask that you please consider donating to ICTC so that we may get back to wearing those artistic hats that bring our Community together.

Thank you,

Anna Krempholtz