Tony Award Winner

October 28-November 20, 2016
Curtain Times: Thursday-Saturday Evenings 7:30 pm, Saturday Matinee 3:00 pm, Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm

This modern classic won two major Best Play awards, a Tony and a New York Drama Critics Circle. This riveting and enduring play is something of a psychological thriller as a middle-aged child psychiatrist strives to reveal the true motivation behind a shocking action committed by a teenage boy under his care, while at the same time desperately trying to understand his own disillusioned life. Using a dramatic real event as a jumping off point, Peter Shafffer explores the unique territory of a confused and lonely boy who creates his own personal theology.

Directed by David Oliver

The Cast

  • Martin Dysart ... Vincent O'Neill*
  • Alan Strang ...P.J. Tighe
  • Dora Strang ... Margaret Massman
  • Hesther Salomon ... Wendy Hall
  • Jill Mason ... Kelsey Mogenson
  • Harry Dalton ... Steve Jakiel
  • A Young Horseman/Nugget ... Dudney Joseph
  • A Nurse ... Jennifer Fitzery
  • Horse ... Brett Klaczyk
  • Horse ... Jordan Levin
  • Horse ... Adam Hayes
  • Horse ... Lamont Singletary
  • Horse ... Michael Sheridan

* Member, Actors' Equity Association

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