“One of ICTC’s very best,” 3-1/2 Stars for “Lady Windermere’s Fan” – The Buffalo News

Wit wins out in ICTC’s “Lady Windermere’s Fan” – Review by Colin Dabkowski, Published 7:00 a.m. June 6, 2018

The Irish Classical Theatre Company has a knack for choosing summertime comedies with just the right amount of froth.

Its latest, whipped up like some perfect theatrical cappuccino by director Josephine Hogan and her talented cast, is Oscar Wilde’s “Lady Windemere’s Fan.” It hits just the right Wildean balance between cutting snark and probing insight into human fear and frailty …

As plots go, this one makes itself compelling by being patently unbelievable.

It involves the attempted return to London society of a mysterious woman with a reputation for bad behavior, played with extra relish on the side by Kate LoConti … Mrs. Erlynne (is) … the subject of everyone’s fascination … Her most ardent suitor Lord Augustus (Christian Brandjes, in fine comic form) (who) follows her around like a puppy …

LoConti, as expected, is marvelous in the role. She fully owns her character’s sense of entitlement …  LoConti’s scenes with the equally gifted (Arianne) Davidow (as Lady Windermere) serve as the genuine emotional ground from which all the play’s snarky comments and sendups grow.

… no one in the cast is better at delivering comic takedowns than Chris Kelley’s Cecil Graham … Kelley plays him with savage delight, a self-satisfied manner and an extraordinary accent that has probably never existed in the wild.

Not far behind him in the snark department is Colleen Gaughan as the Duchess of Berwick, into which Wilde has packed his worst opinions about the hypocritical London aristocracy.

Even the butler (David Lundy) gets in on it, treating certain guests with a raised eyebrow and withering disdain …

All of this unfolds … on Paul Bostaph’s marvelous set … Brian Cavanagh’s finely tuned lighting adds a glimmering sheen to the whole affair … Lise Harty’s costumes, from elegant ball gowns to stuffy tuxedos, assist in the suspension of our disbelief.

… the production is one of the Irish Classical’s very best.

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Theater Review

3.5 stars (out of four)

“Lady Windemere’s Fan” runs through June 24 in the Andrews Theatre, 625 Main St. Tickets are $20 to $45. Call 853-4282 or visit irishclassical.com.