Lady Windermere’s Fan

Lady Windermere's Fan

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Open Rehearsal for Lady Windermere's Fan will be Wednesday, May 23, 6:30-8PM.
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June 1-June 24, 2018

Oscar Wilde’s sparkling comedy-drama. Not well versed in the “art of the deal,” society hostess Lady Windermere is driven to the brink of financial ruin and scandal as an enigmatic interloper with a sketchy past, Mrs. Erlynne, blackmails her husband with a dangerous secret. Armed with a script abundant in 'bon mots' and Wildean wisdom, lifetime aficionado and expert in all things Oscar, Josephine Hogan, brings her astute perspective to the Director's chair, presenting this witty satire on the foibles of Victorian High Society.

Directed by ICTC Artist in Residence, Josephine Hogan

The Cast
Matt Witten as Lord Windermere
Ben Michael Moran as Lord Darlington
Christian Brandjes* as Lord Augustus
Chris Kelly as Mr. Cecil Graham
Jamie O'Neill as Mr. Hopper
David Lundy as Parker
Arianne Davidow as Lady Windermere
Colleen Gaughan as the Duchess of Berwick
Emily Collins as Lady Agatha Carlisle
Jaimee Harmon as Lady Plymdale
Kathleen Betsko Yale as Lady Jedburgh
Kate LoConti* as Mrs. Erlynne

  • Member of Actors' Equity