“Design for Living” delights from start to finish – Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

“The Irish Classical Theatre Company’s consummate production of the play ,,,, directed by Katie Mallinson and starring an incandescent Kate LoConti as the gravitational center of a small galaxy of lovers, is an enchantment from start to finish.

The story concerns a love triangle among Gilda (LoConti) and her close friends/lovers Otto (Adriano Gatto) and Leo (Ben Michael Moran). In scene after glowing scene, they flirt and argue with one another, cycling in and out of love, affection and lust as if playing some sort of card game. Both Gatto and Moran are magnetic in their roles … They ricochet against LoConti’s charming characterization of Gilda in a series of rat-a-tat comic exchanges.

The production is a delight.”

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by Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

3-1/2 Stars (out of 4)