Be prepared to be Blown Away!

All this Sex and Sensationalism is all right because it comes from a disturbed mind.  And is given big intellectual saddlebags.  So now Come to the Secret Pounding Copulations of the Centaurs! Yeeaaaaah!!!

Here we are in a town in southern England, farm country, near the coast.  At Rokesby Psychiatric Hospital, we are in the office of Dr. Martin Dysart, a psychiatrist.  Hesther Salomon, a Prosecutor, stops by to ask him to please take a remanded prisoner for her.  She can’t think of anyone else who could handle it, it’s a teenager who has committed a horrible and strange act of violence.

This is a very appropriate play for Halloween, what with All Souls rising in white mist cemeteries, and with All Saints rounding in screams and tortured fires.  You may be a rational creature with no credence for religious faith or the peaks and valleys it can explore and plunge in human perception.  You are thus lucky. And you would agree that the young man should be cured, that his pain and terror should be taken away.

The psychiatrist can do this.  And will do this.  But has reluctance, he himself is jealous of this experience, of this terror and pain and exultation he glimpses in his patient’s world, of the wild joy, of the Dionysian extremes which are to be destroyed.  So the boy can live a peaceful if diminished life, so the animals can graze in peace.

Now there’s a theosophical idea that postulates that if you conjecture a god, define and refine the idea of this god, worship this God, that you may actually bring it into being.  Pull it from the cloud of nothingness where it was just murkle, put it on an altar, hand over power to it, and it may come to rule you, at least recognize you.  If you leave it behind, if you no longer believe in it, it may yet still exist, may still exercise Power in the Firmament, may yet cause harmony or mayhem, and is likely Jealous.  And keep close in mind that Man was given Dominion over the Earth in Genesis, but that Horses and Dogs were exempted and given their own Stations in Leviticus.

And so, a horse and rider appear thundering swift along the beach.

This is a most amazing production.  You need to go just to see the horses galloping around the ring of the stage, the rising excitement in the hooha, the incredible sex enacted right on stage in the furious flying dust!  And that’s just the First Act!

At the end of the play, my companion Miss Pickwicker was in stunned amazement- at the play, at the ending, at everything that occurred here.  How long has this been going on! she wanted to know.  Are all the plays this great?!  She couldn’t believe what she just saw!  And to be so close to the stage!

This was Directed by David Oliver, he will be acclaimed for this.  Among the large cast, Vincent O’Neill played the psychiatrist Martin Dysart like it was his favorite role of all time, easily, holding the audience in his palm.  PJ Tighe climbed around in the pains, pleasure, and silence of the young man Alan.  Dudney Joseph played Nuggett and led the other equine wonders: Adam Hayes, Brett Klaczyk, Jordan Levin, Joshua Ranallo, and Lamont Singletary.

Tom Makar was Sound Designer, Gerry Trentham was imported to be Dialect Coach & Horse Movement Choreographer, Brian Cavanagh was Lighting Designer and Technical Director.

Great Clarity of the Text, withal.  And Equus remains to be called upon.  What an amazing play by Peter Schaffer, and what a Powerful Presentation Irish Classical Theatre Company has given it.  Be prepared to be Blown Away!

Review By: Willy Rogue Donaldson | Night Life Magazine