All My Sons

All My Sons

American Classic

Hot on the heels of last year’s successful run of Death of a Salesman, ICTC presents this powerful and gripping study of honesty and guilt and the corrupting power of greed. Set in post World War II America, it is the story of Joe Keller, a successful businessman and loving family man who during the war allowed his factory to ship faulty airplane cylinders to the US Armed Forces, causing the death of 21 American pilots. A tragedy of the common man in a searing moral crisis, told with electrifying intensity.

Directed by Greg Natale

The Cast

  • Joe Keller ... Peter Palmisano
  • Kate Keller ... Josie DiVincenzo*
  • Chris Keller ... Anthony Alcocer
  • Ann Deever ... Candice Kogut
  • George Deever ... Chris Kelly
  • Dr. Jim Bayliss ... John Profeta
  • Sue Bayliss ... Lisa Vitrano
  • Frank Lubey ... Rich Kraemer
  • Lydia Lubey ... Kristen Bentley
  • Bert ... Aiden Herried

* Member of Actors' Equity Association


"Brilliant Cast ... a thoughtful and often gut wrenching production ... ICTC has assembled as strong a cast as one could wish for. (Anthony) Alcocer is giving the performance of a lifetime ... multilayered and nuanced ... fascinating to watch ... honest and believable ... (Peter) Palmisano ('s) emotion filled performance anchored the strong drama. Such an evening of theatre should not be missed." - Michael Rabice,

4 Stars (out of 4) " ... classic Miller time ...meticulous work ... This is an emotional story and (Director Greg) Natale and his cast for the ages tell it extraordinarily well. Western New York's best, Peter Palmisano, is Joe, so precise, so complete, so amazingly watchable; he is faultless. Stellar cast ... An ensemble to remember to be sure but (Peter) Palmisano, (Josie) DiVincenzo and (Anthony) Alcocer on stage together? Dynamite." - Ted Hadley, The Buffalo News

"There is not a false note in any of the performances of this remarkable fine cast, deftly directed by Greg Natale, who zeroes in on the smoldering anger at the core of Arthur Miller's perfectly wrought drama." - Douglas Levy, The Public

"Powerful slammer of a major American play! ... Director, Greg Natale, has polished this piece to a mirror finish! He's had a lot of help from a great cast and crew. Even the small parts are taken by pros ... The major characters are given outstanding performances ... a performance of great depth and sensitivity by Peter Palmisano ... You will seldom see a play so brilliantly presented." - Willy Rogue Donaldson, Night-Life Magazine

"For theatregoers, Miller is the ultimate treat ... (Peter) Palmisano's genuine performance makes him the ultimate tragic figure ... the firey Josie DiVincenzo ... wields her words like weapons ... All design aspects are up to par with the ICTC experience ... the technical aspects illuminate Greg Natale's unencumbered direction, which lets Miller's text come to life ... it is sure to fill your mind and heart in a way that good theatre does best." - Marisa Caruso, NY Theatre Guide

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